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Are Hydropool Hot Tubs Good? Hydropool Hot Tub Review

Hydropool hot tubs have been around for a long time. But sometimes longevity doesn’t always equal quality, or it could mean they are behind the times. So, are Hydropool hot tubs good?

Hydropool makes good quality hot tubs though they began as a commercial swimming pool company. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints and they have 4.1 stars on Google out of 84 reviews.

They started making swimming pools in 1970 and began making hot tubs ten years later in Mississauga, Ontario. Their years of experience in the industry are one reason why their products are of a high standard.

To find out what people think of Hydropool and what range of hot tubs they make, read on.

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What do the Hydropool hot tub reviews say?

Hydropool has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 4.1 stars on Google. The testimonials on Hydropool’s website are for swim spas, which indicate they are great for winter use due to the high level of insulation

Hydropool’s insulation is 26% more efficient than its rivals.

Coming from the swimming pool industry, which has exacting standards, it’s hardly surprising that Hydropool makes a quality product that has won many awards over the years.

When I checked out some of the review sites, I was surprised to see a few low scores, but when I looked into them, it was more about accessory products such as filters and pool chemicals.

The Shopper Approved site gave Hydropool an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 30,000 reviewers, so that’s pretty good. But, not many of these were from people who had bought and used one of their hot tubs. To me, that’s always a red flag.

But the good news is that it’s rare to see a bad review of Hydropool anywhere.

How much does a Hydropool hot tub cost?

Hydropool hot tubs start at $7,500 and go up to $36,530. They have 2 lines. Their Serenity line is mid to high-level hot tubs, whereas their self-cleaning line is luxury level.

The Self-Cleaning line uses a unique system where the water is filtered every 15 minutes, reducing the time spent on keeping the water clear by almost half, so if you want to cut down on maintenance, this is the one for you.

Hydropool Serenity hot tubs start at around $7,500.

That would be for the classic 4-seater SE-4L model going up to $16,900 for the 7-seater 6800 model. The Serenity series has six color options and two cabinet options.

The Hydropool Self-Cleaning series has 14 models.

These range from the 3-seater 395 Gold at $18,200 to the luxury 9-seater 970 Titanium at $36,530. This series has three color options and three cabinet options.

What are the different models of Hydropool hot tubs?

Hydropool has 21 models in total. Prices are based on 5-year credit terms provided for guidance only.

Model Base price Size (no. of people in brackets) No. of jets
Serenity Series
From around $7,500
83” x 62” x 34” (4) 26
SE-5L 79” x 79” x 36” (5) 26
4300 $13,520 85” x 62” x 34” (6) 31
4500 $14,300 80” x 80” x 36” (4) 31
5900 $16,900 85” x 85” x 36” (6) 41
6600 $14,300 80” x 80” x 36” (6) 32
6800 $16,900 85” x 85” x 36” (7) 41
Self-Cleaning Series
395 (30”)
From around $18,500
85” x 65” x 30” (3) 30
395 (37”) 85” x 65” x 37” (3) 40
495 Gold $18,200 79” x 75” x 37” (4) 30
495 Platinum   79” x 75” x 37” (4) 40
570 Gold $18,200 80” x 80” x 37” (4-5) 30
570 Platinum   80” x 80” x 37” (4-5) 40
670 Gold $21,450 84” x 84” x 39” (6) 35
670 Platinum $24,440 84” x 84” x 39” (6) 45
695 Gold $21,450 84” x 84” x 39” (6) 35
695 Platinum $24,440 84” x 84” x 39” (6) 50
720 Platinum $25,350 90” x 90” x 39” (7) 55
770 Platinum $25,350 90” x 90” x 39” (7) 55
790 Platinum   94” x 94” x 39” (7) 60
970 Titanium $36,530 110” x 94” x 39” (9) 70

People often use the term Jacuzzi to describe a hot tub or spa, but this can be confusing because Jacuzzi is a brand name, like Hydropool.

I discussed this in more detail in a recent article. What really surprised me was all the innovations Jacuzzi brought to hot tubs that we now all take for granted.

Just click on the link to read it on my website.

What are the common Hydropool hot tub problems?

The most common complaints about Hydropool hot tubs are around leaks, and that service is provided by a 3rd party who charges above market rate for parts and labor. But they also have a number of complaints about poor communication and customer service.

But it’s worth mentioning that they got a number of their complaints in 2020.

2020 was a rough year for all manufacturers in that most were shutdown a period of time but saw soaring consumer demand. This resulted in a supply issue for many industries, creating delays and customer service challenges.

Hot tubs are a great way to relax after a hard day, whether at work or play, but sometimes things go wrong. And just as you take off the cover, you find the hot tub has malfunctioned, and you have to cancel or at least delay your dip.

Hydropool is no different from any other hot tub in that respect, but if you take a look at the topside control panel, you should see an error message, and that is your clue as to how to fix the problem.

If you see ScLN, this isn’t an error code, but it indicates that the hot tub is in Self-Cleaning mode. All the error codes are listed in the user manual, but these are some common faults.

Error messages are thrown up when:

  • The hot tub overheats – this can happen if the filter cycle is too long or the pump has been running for extended periods. It can also occur if the isolation/gate valves are not fully opened. Never enter the water if overheating is detected.
  • The water level is too low – just top up as required, but if the water level is okay, make sure that the pumps are primed and all gate valves are fully opened.
  • There is a fault in the electronics – probably an internal hardware issue. This is a matter for your dealer.

An air-lock in the plumbing system is often the cause of these errors, and this can be cleared by opening the hose-bib to allow air to be released and then closing it as soon as the water flow from the jets becomes regular. This is called ‘priming’ the pump.

If it’s something you can’t fix yourself, make a note of the error code and give this to the hot tub technician when you call.

They might advise you on what to do, or it will provide them with an idea of what parts to bring along to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

How do you reset a Hydropool hot tub?

To reset a Hydropool hot tub, simply press any topside control panel pad. If the system does not reset automatically, shut off the power at the disconnect box and wait 30 seconds before switching on again.

From time to time, you may need to reset your hot tub. This can happen when overheating has been detected, or some other fault calls for a reset, according to the user manual.

If this fails to reset your hot tub, you should call your dealer or local hot tub technician.

Once you have owned a hot tub for a few years, you will get to know how easy it is to troubleshoot and maybe save a few dollars by fixing things yourself.

If this is your first plunge into the world of hot tubs, you might want to check out this recent article on my site – twenty-three essential things to know before deciding which one to buy.

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Final Thoughts

Well, we learned that Hydropool has the only self-cleaning hot tub on the market – great if you want to spend less time on maintenance!

But beware! It is low maintenance, not no maintenance.

You still have to test the water for pH and alkalinity, and unless you go for the ozone or saltwater options, you need to add chemicals regularly.

If there is something I missed or you have any questions, just leave a comment or drop me a line. Don’t forget to check out the links to related articles on my website.

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