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Editorial Policies

In most cases, I (Jeff Campbell) write the articles on this site.  If I were to use guest authors, it would most likely become a collaboration with me doing a lot of editing and additions.

Thus, all posts I write go through the following checks:

  • Original content written by me
  • Checked to be free of spelling and grammar errors
  • Any sources used for information or quotes are cited and linked to
  • Is not duplicated or plagiarized content
  • Uses royalty and copyright-free images
  • May not be duplicated or copied in any way without express written permission from me
  • Is either my opinion or, if fact-based, is factually correct information with corroborating links to credible sources

I always reserve the right to go back to any of the articles on this site and update them, alter them, or delete them at any time.

If you feel there is anything on my site that does not meet those standards (disagreeing with my opinion is NOT the same thing) please contact me.