About Jeff Campbell

Hi. I’m Jeff and I love hot tubs!

My history with hot tubs

I’ve owned hot tubs a total of 4 times now going back to 2005.

The first hot tub I had was when I first moved back to Austin, TX (more or less my home, but I’ve lived all over). I bought a house there at the end of 2004 and later had a nice back deck and hot tub built and installed.

My wife and I got married at that house but shortly moved to Dallas.

So the next hot tub I got was about a year after moving to Dallas; again, installed new. Where we live now, outside of Austin, the house we bought already had a hot tub in good condition.

But the other time, in between those 2, I bought one used on Craigslist. It was in bad shape (but I only paid $150 for it).

I spent a few months replacing all the equipment and fixing it up completely. It had a number of leaks and also needed a coat of stain on the wood shell.

I did it all myself (except running the electrical line to the panel), with no previous knowledge of how to replace hot tub heaters, pumps, or blowers or how to fix hot tub leaks.

So doing that gave me great insight into hot tubs beyond just enjoying them with my family.

My career and experience

I also spent a couple of decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market and have a passion for cooking & eating healthy food.

In that capacity, spending much of my time running stores, I worked all across the country, from Texas to California, Georgia, and South Carolina.

I left that world in early 2013 wanting to live a simpler life and spend more time with my family.

In my quest to reinvent my career I fell into both blogging and martial arts and my day job was running the business end of a large martial arts school in Austin with 2 locations and hundreds of students up until 2020 when I went full-time blogging.

I also train in martial arts a few times a week.

My hot tub loving family

I’m a father to 3 awesome daughters, 2 of whom are tweens and 1 toddler.

We live in the hill country outside of Austin, TX.

Our hot tub at our home is on our secluded back deck backing up to a greenbelt where the deer wander by. It’s also the nicest hot tub we’ve owned (it came with the house) as it has cool color changing lights and 2 waterfalls.

Join me as I explore the world of hot tubs. We’ll get into repair, maintenance, cleaning, and purchasing needed tools and accessories.

With regards to products I may recommend, I focus on only the best items with the highest ratings out there; no junk!

So, I only review stuff I have used, plan to buy or were highly recommended to me and I’ve checked ’em out thoroughly.

Have a hot tub accessory you think is great? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


Jeff Campbell

Jeffrey T Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a dedicated father to 3 amazing kids, an avid blogger, foodie, former leader for Whole Foods Market for 20+ years, would-be musician, and practicing martial artist. He currently runs 11 websites and helps over 500,000 people each and every month through his blog posts.

Email: jtlc512@gmail.com

Address: 9 Ridgewood Circle, Wimberley, Texas, 78676, United States

Gender: Male

Job Title: Founder and CEO