What Causes Hot Tub Biofilm? (and how to get rid of it)

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You don’t need to be a chemist to own a hot tub, but for your own safety and those soaking in your hot tub, knowing what chemicals to use and how to maintain it is crucial. Biofilm is one thing to be aware of, but what causes hot tub biofilm?

Here’s what I’ve seen:

Biofilm in a hot tub is caused by excess contaminants on the skin and bathing suits of people soaking, in addition to airborne contaminants. It is essentially a collection of bacteria that builds up in the plumbing and equipment of the hot tub. But it is rarely seen, so many are not even aware they have it.

But it’s not just that simple.

And what’s more, you’ll want to know how to get rid of it and how to prevent it from forming in the future.

In this article, I will explain exactly what biofilm is and why you and your family and friends are the biggest contributors to it.

Let’s get into it.

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