Hot Tub Heater Repair Guide – Simple Fixes & Tips

If you own a hot tub, you know how important it is to have a properly functioning heater. But what do you do when your hot tub heater stops working, or worse, doesn’t heat up at all? As a hot tub owner, you should know how to fix a hot tub heater.

If your hot tub heater is not heating, start by checking the thermostat settings. Check if the temperature is set high enough. You can also check the filter and clean it if necessary. If these steps don’t fix the problem, it’s recommended to contact a professional for further assistance.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix common issues with your hot tub heater and keep it maintained for optimal performance. We’ll also provide DIY fixes for easy repairs and hot tub heater maintenance.

Key Takeaways

  • Regular maintenance can prevent common hot tub heater problems.
  • Troubleshooting can help you identify and resolve hot tub heater issues.
  • DIY hot tub repairs are possible and can save you money and time.
  • Keep your hot tub heater clean and use quality parts for improved performance.
  • Regular water chemistry testing and balance can prolong the life of your hot tub heater.

Troubleshooting Hot Tub Heater Issues

Are you experiencing hot tub heater problems? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. In this section, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of troubleshooting common hot tub heater issues. By following these easy hot tub heater troubleshooting tips, you can save time, money, and the headache of calling an expert.

Before we begin, identify the signs of a malfunctioning hot tub heater. If you notice that your hot tub water is not heating up correctly, or it’s taking longer than usual to heat up, it’s time to address the issue.

Let’s dive into some common hot tub heater issues and their corresponding solutions.

Hot Tub Not Heating Up

If your hot tub is not heating up, the first thing to check for is water flow. Check for any clogs in the water filter or jet system. If you find a clog, remove it or replace the damaged component.

If the water flow is fine, but you still don’t have heat, the next common issue is malfunctioning thermal overload switches or high limits. The problem may lie with the sensors themselves or the wires connected to them.

Finally, if neither of those is to blame, check your heater element for damages. A failing heater element may result in an inability to bring your hot tub’s temperature to the desired level.

Heater Not Turning On

A common issue that you may encounter with your hot tub heater is an inability to turn on. If you are experiencing this type of issue, it may be due to a tripped breaker. Check the breaker switch to see if it’s been tripped. If that’s the case, reset the breaker.

If the breaker was not the issue, check your thermostat; the thermostat may be broken or disabled. Use a multimeter to check if the thermostat is working fine. If not, replace your thermostat or connect the broken wire.

Hot Tub Heater Producing Low Heat

If your hot tub heater is producing low heat, the problem may be caused by damaged circulation pumps. Check the pumps and clean or replace them if necessary. If the pumps are working correctly, you may need to replace the heating element with a higher wattage element.

With these hot tub heater troubleshooting tips, you can now tackle common issues that you might face. However, always consult the user manual before attempting any DIY repairs. And if the issue persists, contact a professional.

DIY Hot Tub Heater Fixes

If you are experiencing issues with your hot tub heater not working or heating properly, there are some simple DIY fixes you can try before calling a technician.

Check the Heater Element

The heater element is the part of the hot tub heater that heats the water. If it is not functioning correctly, your hot tub may not heat properly. Turn off the power to the hot tub and remove the filter cap. Unscrew the heating element cover to access the heating element. If you notice any signs of damage, such as rust or corrosion, it may be time to replace your heating element.

Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperature of the hot tub water. If your hot tub heater is not heating, the thermostat may be malfunctioning. Locate the thermostat, often located within the heater assembly. Using a multimeter, test the thermostat to ensure that it is working correctly. If it’s faulty, replace the thermostat.

Check for Water Flow Issues

Blocked water flow can cause your hot tub heater to malfunction. Check there are no airlocks in your filtration system, clean the filter, and ensure there are no localised blockages. Additionally, check the valves to ensure they’re open to allow proper water flow.

Hot Tub Heater Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing hot tub heater problems and maximizing its lifespan. Follow these essential maintenance tips to keep your hot tub heater in optimum condition:

1. Check water levels regularly

Low water levels can cause serious damage to your hot tub heater. Ensure the water level is always above the skimmer level and keep it at the recommended level. Also, change the water regularly to prevent any buildup in the pipes.

2. Clean the filter

A clogged hot tub filter can reduce water flow and put unnecessary strain on the heater. Clean your filter every 4-6 weeks and replace it at least once a year.

3. Keep the heater surface clean

Debris, dirt, and other contaminants can settle on the heater surface and reduce its efficiency. Regularly brush the heater surface and make sure it stays clean.

4. Inspect the heater elements

Corroded or damaged heater elements can lead to hot tub heater problems and reduce the heater’s performance. Inspect the heating elements periodically and replace them if you notice any issues.

5. Schedule professional maintenance

Despite regular at-home maintenance, it is important to have a professional inspect and maintain your hot tub heater periodically. A professional can identify and repair any issues before they become major problems.

By following these hot tub heater maintenance tips, you can prevent common issues and ensure your hot tub heater stays in optimum condition.


Congratulations, you now have the knowledge and tools to troubleshoot and fix common hot tub heater issues. By following the tips provided in this guide, you can easily perform DIY fixes and maintain your hot tub heater properly.

Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for preventing heating problems and maximizing the lifespan of your hot tub heater. Be sure to check your heater’s performance periodically and address any issues promptly to avoid more significant problems.

With these simple fixes and tips, you can enjoy warm and relaxing soaks in your hot tub without any interruptions or heating issues.


How do I know if my hot tub heater is not working?

There are a few common signs that indicate your hot tub heater is not working, such as the water not heating up, unusual noises coming from the heater, or the heater not turning on at all. If you experience any of these issues, it’s likely that your hot tub heater needs repair.

Can I perform DIY hot tub heater fixes?

Yes, there are some DIY hot tub heater fixes that you can try if you have basic knowledge and skills. For example, you can clean the filter, check and replace any broken fuses, or check the wiring connections for any loose or damaged wires. However, it’s important to note that certain complex repairs should be left to professionals to avoid further damage or potential safety hazards.

How often should I perform hot tub heater maintenance?

Regular hot tub heater maintenance should be performed at least once every three months. This includes cleaning or replacing the filter, checking and tightening any loose electrical connections, inspecting the heating element for corrosion or mineral buildup, and ensuring proper water chemistry. However, it’s always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance recommendations.

Jeff Campbell