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Are Sundance Spas Good? Complete Sundance Spa Review

Sundance Spas is one of the biggest names in the hot tub world. But sometimes a brand is well-known because of quality and other times because they have a larger marketing budget. So I wondered, are Sundance Spas good?

Sundance Spas make excellent hot tubs. They are the largest acrylic hot tub builder globally and have an A+ rating with the BBB. They have been owned by the same company as Jacuzzi since 1998.

But there are some complaints on the BBB site. And while they don’t have a Yelp page, there are some other review sites with some concerns. Then there’s also the news that Jacuzzi and Sundance were again sold in 2019 to the same company that makes Aston Martin automobiles.

Let’s explore Sundance a little closer!

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How much does a Sundance hot tub cost?


It is practically impossible to get a price off the internet because Sundance Spas are all sold through dealers, and these don’t like to show their prices for fear of being undercut by a competitor.

But through some research, I found a few guide prices to give an idea.

Entry-level – $4,000 to $7,999

Most are plug ‘n’ play models that have many of the features of the more expensive types but don’t expect the famous hydrotherapy massage, and the 1kW heaters in the 110v models restrict your use to warmer climates.

Most in this range seat 2-3, but there is 1 model that seats 4, and 1 that seats 4-5. All are square except for 1 round one.

Mid-level – $8,000 to $11,999

9 models here which vary in size from ones built to hold 2-3, 4-5, and some designed for 6 or more people. These don’t have the patented FLUIDIX jet system, but you still get a good massage from the strategically placed jets. All but 1 are square with the 1 model being round.

Most of these require an electrician to hard-wire the 220v circuit, but there is one plug-and-play model.

Premium – $12,000 to $15,999

The premium level also has models designed to sit 2-3 up to 6+.

One of these models features their patented Fluidix® Jets system. All models in this line are square and all require an electrician to connect.

Fluidix® jets work without moving parts which can get clogged or wear out. They work by mixing air and water to create a more refined massage rather than the typical hot tub which just shoots water out like a high-pressure hose.

Luxury- $16,000+

This category has 12 models and while most hold 5-6 people, they do have some models that are smaller and 4 that are larger. At this level, you’ll see features such as:

  • Illuminated grab bars
  • SunScents™ Aromatherapy jets
  • High-end cabinetry
  • illuminated SunCooler™ cold storage areas
  • Silent Air™ injector jets 

If you have a hot tub you want to trade in, Sundance Spas will offer you a discount based on their valuation.

But if this is your first plunge into the world of hot tubs, you might want to check out this recent article on my site. Here, I listed twenty-three essential things to know before deciding which hot tub to buy. Just click on the link to read it.

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Are Sundance Spas made by Jacuzzi?

Sundance Spas is owned by the same company that owns Jacuzzi, having been purchased by them in 1998. But each company handles its own manufacturing at different facilities.

When it comes to ownership, it’s quite a complicated history.

Sundance Spas became a Jacuzzi brand name when Apollo Global Management LLC acquired it in 1998. In 2019, the Apollo Group sold all Jacuzzi brands, including Sundance Spas, to Investindustrial, a leading European investment group.

From such humble beginnings, Sundance Spas began in 1979 as a small family business headed up by Jim Clark, working out of a garage in Costa Mesa, California, where it became one of the major innovators in hot tub design.

During the 1980s, the Clark family developed many features that are now standard on most models.

For instance, recessed jet clusters, electronic spa controls, whirlpool therapy jets – they all appeared first on a Sundance Spas hot tub. Two of the biggest innovations were the slipstream skimmer with a 20″ floating weir gate and the rigid-bond shell construction, both still used to this day.

The 1990s saw significant advancements in hydrotherapy, with Sundance Spas introducing their Accu-Ssage therapy seat and the SunScents aromatherapy dispensing system.

These features can still be found on the 880 and 980 series models. Sundance Spas hot tubs are now available in over 70 countries through more than 750 retail outlets.

Many people make the mistake of thinking a Jacuzzi is somehow different from a hot tub.

Still, it is just a generic brand name like Kleenex has become a generic term for tissues, or Hoover for vacuum cleaners. In this recent article, I looked at the different terms for a hot tub.

Just click on the link to read it on my website.

Sundance Spas models and prices

Sundance Spas have 28 models to suit most budgets, in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get the full specifications and customer reviews on their website.

Model Base price Size (no. of people in brackets) No. of jets
980 Series
$16,000 plus depending on extras
92″ x 100″ x 34″ (6-7) 57
Odessa 89″ x 89″ x 34″ (6-7) 37
Claremont 92″ x 100″ x 34″ (5-6) 59
Lisbon 89″ x 89″ x 34″ (5-6) 44
880 Series
$12,000 to $15,999
91″ x 110″ x 41.5″ (7-8) 66
Maxxus 91″ x 110″ x 41.5″ (6) 65
Optima 89″ x 89″ x 37.5″ (6-7) 47
Cameo 89″ x 89″ x 37.5″ (5-6) 54
Altamar 81″ x 86″ x 37.5″ (5-6) 41
Marin 76″ x 91″ x 34″ (4-5) 45
Cambria 76″ x 91″ x 34″ (4-5) 46
Capri 69″ x 82″ x 30.5″ (2-3) 31
780 Series
$8,000 to $11,999
89″ x 89″ x 36″ (6-7) 40
Hamilton 89″ x 89″ x 36″ (6) 41
Montclair 75″ x 91″ x 33″ (4) 30
Bristol 84″ x 84″ x 36″ (4-5) 38
Hanover 84″ x 84″ x 36″ (6) 34
Dover* 69″ x 82″ x 30.5″ (2-3) 23
680 Series
$4,000 to $7,999
84″ x 84″ x 36″ (6) 35
Peyton 84″ x 84″ x 36″ (5-6) 35
McKinley 89″ x 89″ x 36″ (6-7) 44
Ramona 89″ x 89″ x 36″ (5-6) 45
Alicia* 76″ x 66″ x 32″ (2-3) 19
Prado* 76″ x 84″ x 34.5″ (4-5) 23
Denali* 78.5″ dia x 36″ (4) 20
Tacoma* 68″ x 68″ x 31″ (2) 12
Sundance Splash Series
Not listed but around $4,000
78″ x 68″ x 32″ (5)
Not listed
Berkeley* 78″ x 78″ x 36″ (6)

*Plug ‘n’ Play running off 120v. Can upgrade to 240v on some models.

How long do Sundance Spas last?

Properly maintained, a Sundance Spa hot tub will last 20 years. Proper maintenance including change the water every 3 months, regular filter cleaning, and replacing the filters every 1-2 years, as well as staying on top of water chemistry.

There are four aspects to every above ground or portable hot tub:

  • The shell and cabinetry
  • The mechanical and electrical equipment
  • The plumbing
  • The cover or lid

Each of these elements has a lifespan of varying degrees. The shell carries a 10-year warranty, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get double this.

The pump and heater carry a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

The plumbing, jets, and controls, on the other hand, are covered for up to 2 years, depending on the model. There is also a 1-year warranty on the water purification system, audio, and WiFi.

The FLUIDIX jet system has no moving parts, so it should outlast everything but the shell.

The acrylic shell and cabinetry are UV-resistant, so this should withstand being out in the open. Plus, the insulated lid has a vinyl covering. This will need cleaning once or twice a month to keep it in good condition; otherwise, it will crack and allow water in, saturating the insulation.

The ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D is a waterproof, UV resistant cover that will protect your lid and prolong the life. It simply goes on over your regular cover.

Click on the link to check the latest price on Amazon.

Are Sundance Spas the best?

Sundance Spas are one of the very best hot tub manufacturers along with Master Spas, Hot Spring Spas, and Jacuzzi. Sundance spas have emerged as the largest acrylic hot tub builder in the world.  They are industry leaders in technical innovation, creating many features standard on other manufacturers’ hot tubs.

Through their WiFi option, you can control the tub on your smartphone using their app to regulate energy efficiency and lock the spa remotely.

Their advanced iTouch Control touchscreen system on the 880 and 980 series with icon-driven menus makes it easy to use and control temperature and massage settings.

Other features (dependant on model) include:

  • FLUIDIX jets controllable through the app to customize settings
  • CLEARRAY water management system using UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens. Together with the optional CLEARRAY PROTECT oxidizer, this reduces the need for chemicals and time spent on water care.
  • Multicolor SunGlow LED lighting
  • Additional ECOWRAP insulation for those in cooler climates
  • Horizontal filters on the 880/980 series for improved filtration

Sundance Spas has always been at the forefront of hydrotherapy.

And the positioning of their jets allows for deep tissue massage focusing on pressure points and muscles. This makes them very popular with those suffering from arthritis and back pain.

The best way to find out about a hot tub is to look at the reviews on websites other than the manufacturers.

According to the Consumer Affairs website, Sundance Spas has an average rating of 3 stars out of 5 from 39 reviews (at the time of writing). From many of the reviews, it appears Sundance has some water circulation issues, but this is probably at the lower end of the market.

One reviewer pointed out that the tub had a wooden sub-frame that wasn’t treated, which made rot set in after three years.

This shouldn’t happen as all wooden frames are borate treated, but maybe this one slipped through QC. They are also separated from the ground by an ABS pan, so they should never get wet.

To make sure you get a hot tub that suits you, most dealers can arrange a free soak test on many models.

Did I cover all you wanted to know about whether Sundance Spas are any good?

So, Sundance Spas have a great range of models to suit any budget.

It is the largest builder of acrylic hot tubs in the world and ships to over 70 countries, but you can only buy them through a dealer.

I hope that covers everything you wanted to know about Sundance Spas. Leave a comment or drop me a line if there is anything I missed out, and don’t forget to check out the links to other related articles on my site.

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