Can a Balcony Hold a Hot Tub?

There are cases where you may not be living in a big house, but you’d still like to enjoy the soothing power of a hot tub. Perhaps you live in an apartment or condo with a nice balcony, and have wondered can a balcony hold a hot tub?

The average balcony cannot hold a full-sized hot tub. Balconies are typically designed to support between 50-100 pounds per square foot, whereas a fully loaded hot tub with water and people would likely exceed 100 pounds per square foot.

So just putting one out there and hoping for the best could have grave consequences. 

When in doubt, have a contractor check it out. But you could also reinforce an existing balcony to be strong enough.

So in this article, we’ll look at how much weight can a balcony hold. But we’ll also answer whether an inflatable hot tub might work, as well as how to fill up and drain a hot tub on a balcony.

Let’s dive right in…


How much weight can a balcony hold?

On average, a balcony is load-rated to 50-100 pounds per square foot. So that means a total weight supported of between 3,200 pounds and 6,400 pounds.

So, if yours was rated for 100 pounds per square foot, you might be OK.

However, this is a serious question, and that’s a big range. As such, it is better to consult a structural engineer because of the risk involved.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s unravel more…

After all, even if the balcony was once built to 100 pounds per square foot, factors that could affect that years later can include:

  • The type of environment
  • Age of materials
  • Quality of construction
  • Factor of safety used
  • The use the balcony has been put to
  • Size of fasteners used

There’s a need to exercise great care because balconies are almost always exposed to the elements. 

Take an old balcony that’s been damaged by water or characterized by dry rot. Both are risky, right?  And, if you live in an environment where a lot of snow falls on your balcony, you also need to exercise great care. 

How much does an inflatable hot tub weigh?

Inflatable hot tubs weigh a minimum of 2,700 lbs and a maximum of 3,700 pounds with water and people. 

There are different models of inflatable hot tubs, and they have different weights. The weight depends on the capacity (as it should be). 

Before we go on, why bother with the weight of a hot tub? 

The weight has implications for where you can put the tub. If it’s too heavy for the location or platform, there’s a high likelihood of collapse and potential injuries. 

If you’d be putting your inflatable hot tub on the ground, you’ve got no worries. But, if you’re putting it on something else, you’ve got to know the weight. 

There are two types of weight: boxed weight and filled weight. 

The first is the actual weight of the tub. But that’s not the one we’re interested in. It’s the filled weight we want to know. That’s when it’s been filled with water, and there are people in it.

To look deeper into how much an inflatable hot tub weighs, check out a recent article of mine. 

In it, I explained that one can put a hot tub on a deck. But, there’s a need to be careful if the deck is more than two feet off the ground, even if the hot tub is inflatable. 

Just click the link to read it on my site.

How would you drain a hot tub on a balcony?

A long garden hose or submersible pump hose can be used to drain the hot tub if it is on a balcony. Just as a hose is used to drain a hot tub placed on the ground, a hose can equally be used if the tub is on a balcony, and the water can be emptied into a bathtub.

There are 2 ways to drain the hot tub:

  1. Use a garden hose
  2. Use a submersible pump

Before you drain a hot tub, always make sure the power is cut off!

A hose will work, but the smartest way is to actually use a submersible pump. 

You could use a hose, as explained before. But it would take hours, while a submersible pump would probably take you 15 minutes max. 

Then, no matter which one you used, just use a wet/dry vac to get the water out of the bottom that remains after draining.

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In both cases, the bathtub is the best place to discard the water unless it’s easy for you to reach a public sewer from your balcony or a safe and inconspicuous part of the building.

How much does a hot tub weigh?

In a recent article, I get into exactly how to calculate it, but I also give several examples if you just want a close ballpark. And I give you dry weight, water weight, and people weight.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

How do you fill up a hot tub if you don’t have a hose nearby?

To fill up a hot tub where a hose spigot is not accessible, the next best option would be to use an adapter and connect a long garden hose to a kitchen sink faucet.

A garden hose is the easiest and most popular “tool” for filling up a hot tub. 

It’s super-convenient. You simply connect it to the water source and then keep the other end in your tub, and gradually, it’s filled up with water. Ideally, this is something you’ll only need to do 3-4 times a year.

You could use a 5-gallon bucket and fill it up, going back and forth. 

But with the average large hot tub being at least 500 gallons, you’re talking 100 trips back and forth! If you’re doing that, consider canceling your gym membership.

So, you’re considering an inflatable hot tub? 

Cool. You’ve probably wondered whether inflatable hot tubs are expensive to run? You’re in luck because that is the theme of a recent article of mine. 

In it, I explained that relative to regular hot tubs, they are more expensive to run. They’ll set you back about $50 each month for the electricity bill. Check out the article to get the full lowdown.

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What is the best inflatable hot tub for a balcony?

The Intex Pure Spa is the best inflatable hot tub for a balcony, assuming it has been verified that the load-bearing of the balcony is at least 100 pounds per square foot. The Intex has the best reviews, is the most durable, and is the best built.

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It has a built-in hard water treatment system, and it is easy and fast to set up. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel, and it has up to 140 water jets for producing a highly soothing spa experience. 

It can be set up and ready for water in about 20 minutes. 

So, it’s awesome if you don’t want a tub that’ll permanently take up space. Or if you move around now and then and you want a “mobile hot tub” experience. It’s relaxation at the touch of a button. 

It’s built using patented technology ( “Fiber-Tech Construction). It weighs 101.8 pounds. 

Let me share a list of its features. So, you’ll know why it’s Amazon’s choice product with over 1630 ratings, and most are 5-star.

  • Built-in infiltration system
  • Color-changing LED light to create an alluring ambiance
  • 2 headrests
  • Puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material 
  • Easy-to-use, tilt-adjustable control panel
  • Insulated cover to minimize heat loss
  • Insulated ground cloth 

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Can a balcony hold a hot tub?

That’s the main theme we explored in this article. We checked out how much weight can a balcony hold, how much does an inflatable hot tub weigh, and how would you drain a hot tub on a balcony. 

We then looked at how to fill a hot tub if you don’t have a hose. Lastly, we checked out what is the best inflatable hot tub.

It bears repeating that I am not a structural engineer or general contractor. I am not advising anyone to put a hot tub anywhere 0ther than ground level. If you wish to put a hot tub above ground level, you should seek out a qualified structural engineer in your area who can provide you with professional advice regarding your project. I am not qualified to offer such advice and am simply stating my well-researched opinions.

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