Best Hot Tub Chemicals

There are a lot of hot tub chemicals out there, and a lot of brands. Many of them are great, but a few are not. That being said, the following products are what I like and use.


I prefer bromine sanitizer as it holds up better in the heat. I’ve also gotten to where I enjoy just putting 1-inch tablets in a floater as I can put 3-4 tablets in each week and toss it in and not have to worry about it for a week.

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I like chlorine shock as I find I get cleaner, clearer water than I do with a non-chlorine shock.

I add 1/8 cup every 7-10 days (depends on how much I’ve used it). I turn on the jets and pour it in. Wait at least 20 minutes before entering the hot tub afterward.

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SPA UP AND DOWN (for pH and Alkalinity)

Almost every chemical designed to raise or lower pH or alkalinity will affect the other, so many times, these chemicals are labeled spa up or spa down. Sometimes you’ll see pH up or down, but it’s rare to see ones labeled alkalinity up or down.

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If you mostly just need to raise alkalinity, use regular household baking soda; 1 TBS per 100 gallons of water. So for most that will be 4-6 tablespoons. But it also depends on how much you need to raise it. Start small. You can always add more; you can’t add less.

If you need to adjust pH one way and alkalinity the other way

Most of the time, pH, or alkalinity will be off in the same direction, making it easy to adjust.  If you do find yourself needing to adjust 1 up and the other down, check out my video on that below.

But here are the recommendations I make in that video:

Get the Soda Ash on Amazon I mention in the video to raise pH

Get the Magnesium Oxide powder on Amazon I mention if you need to raise pH without significantly impacting alkalinity

Get the Muriatic Replacement Acid on Amazon that is a safer alternative to Muriatic acid which lowers pH