Need One-on-One Help With Your Hot Tub?

I’ve owned 4 hot tubs (plus an inflatable) going back to 2005 and dealt with almost every problem you can imagine.

Issues that I have direct, personal experience with:

  • Replacing all the equipment
  • Fixing cracks in the acrylic shell
  • Fixing cracked PVC pipes
  • Fixing leaking jets
  • Replacing worn gaskets at the union fittings
  • Issues with filters
  • Issues with balancing the water chemistry

If you have a hot tub issue, I guarantee I can help!

I am working on a course but for right now, but for a limited time, I am also offering one-on-one consulting via Zoom or phone for $150 for 30-minutes. With Zoom you could literally show me your issue on the screen and get my feedback in that moment!

Or you can submit your question and I will create a custom video answer and send you the link to the video within 1 week for the ultra-low price of $75.

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Ready to Spend Less Time On Maintenance and More Time Enjoying Your Hot Tub?

Let’s face it. Balancing the water, cleaning filters, dealing with rashes, and trying to figure out which chemicals to buy and add can make you feel more like a chemist than someone who just wants to relax after a long hard day!

That’s exactly why The Hot Tub Handbook and Video Course is so valuable!

This is from Matt over at Swim University and he developed it for people looking to save money, time, and frustration.

His tips on chemicals can save you $100/year just by making sure you buy only what you need.

So if you’re ready to stop being confused or frustrated with your hot tub and start spending more time in it, check out The Hot Tub Handbook and Video Course. Just click that link to learn more on their website.

My YouTube Channel!

If you’re a visual learner, no doubt you’ll want to check out my massive YouTube channel!

I’ve been making hot tub videos for over 3 years now and have hundreds of videos! All my best tips, tricks, hacks, and common sense for my hot tub to yours.

I have videos on virtually any hot tub topic you can think of, so head on over and search and subscribe today!

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Hot Tub Sponsorships

Between my website’s popularity and my YouTube channel’s 30k+ subscribers, I am happy to announce I am open to sponsorships.

I am open to doing unboxing review videos, product review articles, or both. 

To find out more info including pricing, and to place an order just go to my form right here –

Hot Tub Repairs

Here we have your go-to resource for resolving common hot tub issues.

With years of expertise, Jeff offers comprehensive guidance on troubleshooting and fixing leaks, equipment malfunctions, and electrical problems.

Our in-depth articles cover everything from pinpointing and repairing leaks to diagnosing and resolving heater, pump, or blower issues. We break down complex electrical problems, making them easy to understand and tackle.

No matter your level of experience, our step-by-step guides will assist you in resolving issues efficiently, ensuring your hot tub is always ready for relaxation. 

Discover the secrets to extending the life of your hot tub and enjoy uninterrupted relaxation. Explore our articles to find practical solutions for the most common hot tub headaches. 

Hot Tub Seasonality

With years of experience, we offer expert advice on optimizing your hot tub’s efficiency throughout the seasons.

In the scorching summer months, learn how to lower the temperature and switch to economy mode to conserve energy. Discover essential tips for keeping your hot tub comfortable and cost-effective during the heat.

When winter arrives, our comprehensive guides walk you through the winterization process, ensuring your hot tub remains protected from freezing temperatures.

We cover steps to safeguard your investment and prevent damage during the colder months. Extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, require special attention.

Our expert insights help you maintain your hot tub’s functionality and prolong its lifespan, even in the harshest of climates. Trust us, your seasoned hot tub maintenance specialist, to provide valuable information on seasonal adjustments and maintenance practices. Explore our articles to keep your hot tub in peak condition all year round.  

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Hot Tub Maintenance

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for hot tub maintenance. Here, we provide expert advice to keep your spa in top condition.

Our extensive articles cover every aspect of hot tub care, ensuring a relaxing and safe experience. From draining and refilling procedures to maintaining proper water chemistry and balance, we’ve got you covered.

Our step-by-step guides make it easy to keep your hot tub sparkling clean and your water crystal clear. We’ll walk you through the essential tasks like cleaning and sanitizing, so you can enjoy your oasis without worries.

Jeff Campbell, a seasoned hot tub enthusiast with years of experience, brings you his tried-and-true methods to keep your spa running smoothly. Explore our articles to learn about troubleshooting common issues, choosing the right chemicals, and upgrading your hot tub experience. Whether you’re a first-time owner or a long-time enthusiast, our tips cater to all levels of expertise. Join us at Hot Tub Haven for the most reliable and up-to-date maintenance advice.

Let’s make sure your hot tub remains a source of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come.